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Q. I'm having problems registering, what should I do?
A. First check you are on the registration page, then check you are entering the registration key exactly as it has been supplied (it is case sensitive). Next ensure you are entering a valid email address and finally create yourself a new password which should be a minimum of 6 characters in length and contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number and one special character.

Q. What are the minimum system requirements?
A. We recommend the following:

  • Internet Browser - Internet Explorer® 8 +, Firefox® 6 +, Opera 11 +, Chrome 15 + all with JavaScript and cookies enabled
  • Adobe Flash version 10 or higher (check what version you have by visiting
  • Internet connection: 2Mbps internet connection or faster, 8Mbps recommended (video buffering will occur with slower connections) 
  • Screen resolution: 1024x768 screen resolution or higher for best experience (scrolling may be required at lower resolutions) 

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Q. Why has my employer asked me to complete a driver assessment?
A. Your employer has a corporate and legal responsibility under the Health & Safety At Work Act 1974 to ensure the health and safety of all employees at work regardless of the type or size of the business. Employers have a 'duty of care' to others who may be effected by their business activities, which, in the case of driving, means all other road users. In addition, under the Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations 1999 your employer has a duty to carry out Risk Assessments and make arrangements to implement necessary and appropriate training. Your employer has chosen to use FleetRiskManager to assess your exposure to risk when driving and, potentially, to identify appropriate and relevant training. 

Q. I don’t know the answer to a question – what do I do?
A. Select what you believe to be the most appropriate answer, based on your own knowledge, judgement and experience.

Q. Do I have to complete the whole assessment in one sitting?
A. No – the assessment is divided into 4 modules – Driving History, Knowledge, Attitude and Skill (hazard anticipation and observation).  You must complete each module in one sitting but your progress between modules will be saved should you need to leave the assessment and return later.

Q. I have difficulty using FleetRiskManager – who should I contact?
A. Please visit the contact us page

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Q. Why has my employer asked me to take online training?
A. Your employer has a corporate and legal responsibility under the Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations 1999 to carry out Risk Assessments and make arrangements to implement necessary and appropriate training. Your employer has chosen to use FleetRiskManager to provide you with training in a convenient and effective form.

Q. Do I have to complete the whole training programme in one sitting?
A. No – training is provided in the form of separate modules. You will be allocated appropriate modules based on the outcome of your assessment or as specified by your employer. You must complete each module in a single sitting.

Q. I have difficulty using FleetRiskManager – who should I contact?
A. Please visit the contact us page

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Q. Why has my employer asked me to complete a data protection mandate?
A. Under Health and Safety and Duty of Care requirements, your employer is obliged to check that all employees who carry out business mileage for the company, no matter the distance or frequency are correctly licenced to drive. Your employer has outsourced the process to AA DriveTech and its sister company Intelligent Data Systems UK Limited (IDS) to minimise any inconvenience and ensure consistency. Also, by outsourcing this process to a specialist provider in the field of data management, the risk or exposure to possible data fraud is minimised due to our highly secure and encrypted systems and process. 

Q. I do not hold a full driving licence OR I do not use my own vehicle or drive any other company owned vehicle for business purposes – What should I do?

A. You may be asked to confirm this to your employer so they can exclude you from this process. It is your responsibility however, to ensure you notify your employer if your circumstances change at any time in the future.

Q. Why does my employer not simply visually check each driver's driving licence?
A. following the abolition of the licence counterpart in June 2015 employers can no longer visually check paper copies of your licence. From an employer's perspective they need to ensure that they hold the most up to date licence information at the time of checking, which is only available from the DVLA. Using a specialist provider such as AA DriveTech / IDS ensures accuracy, ease of information, centralised access and a reporting function for risk assessment purposes.

Q. What sections of the data protection mandate must be completed?
A. You must complete all sections of the data protection mandate in BLACK INK AND BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS. You must sign and date the data protection mandate before returning it as per the instructions shown on the mandate. 

Q. Where can I find my driving licence number?
A. If you are a UK licence holder it can be found on the fifth line of the photocard. It is a 16-digit number beginning with the first 5 letters of your last name. 

Q. I don't have a UK DVLA issued licence, what do I need to do? 

A. If you hold a Northern Ireland issued licence you will need to complete a special Data Protection Mandate issued by the DVA (Northern Ireland). FRM will ask for your driving licence number; enter your NI licence number. FRM will recognise that it is a non-UK licence number follow the directions to download a Northern Ireland DVA mandate. 

A. If you hold a licence not issued by the DVLA or DVA you will need to complete a D796 data protection mandate and provide a photocopy of both sides of your licence card. Please ensure the photocopied pages have your name and your Company (Employers) name written clearly on it. Also please note on the photocopy the date you entered the UK as an overseas licence holder. Return the mandate and the photocopied licence to the address on the mandate.  

Q. I hold an international licence. Do I still need to complete a data protection mandate and a driver declaration form?
A. Yes, please also remember that, depending on the country of issue, you may need to apply for a provisional licence and take the UK driving test within 12 months of becoming a UK resident or exchange your home licence for a UK licence within 12 months of becoming resident. If you do not do this, you will be breaking the law, your company’s insurance may be invalid and you will not be able to drive in the UK until you have passed your driving test. For further information, please view the DRIVING IN GREAT BRITAIN (GB) AS a VISITOR OR a NEW RESIDENT page of the DVLA website:

Q. I do not have a Company car but occasionally use my private car on Company business. Do I still need to complete a data protection mandate?
A. Yes, as a journey in your private/cash for car vehicle to company meetings, conferences, between sites etc. is classed as a business journey.

Q. Why does the form refer to endorsement information from the past?
A. The information provided by DVLA will be current information only and may refer to endorsements which have occurred in the past but we will only receive details of these endorsements if they are current. Specifically, all endorsements remain on a driver’s record for a total of 4 years with the exception of certain careless driving or drink or drugs related endorsement or a previous ban – in which case, they remain on record for 11 years.

Q. What information does AA DriveTech collect from the DVLA?
A. Once you have completed your data protection mandate and sent it to AA DriveTech / IDS we will request that the DVLA releases your record to verify:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your driving licence number and issue number
  • That you hold a full driving licence which is current and valid
  • If your driving licence has expired and/or has been revoked
  • The expiry date of your driving licence
  • The category(ies) of vehicle category(ies) that you are entitled to drive
  • The expiry date(s) of the vehicle categories
  • Live endorsements on your DVLA record
  • Offence code(s)
  • Offence/conviction date(s)
  • Number of points on your licence/DVLA record

Q. What happens to the data held by AA DriveTech / IDS?
A. Once your DVLA record has been received, we will update your employer’s database and remove expired endorsements.  The data will be used only for the purpose for which it is intended (i.e. to validate that you hold a current valid licence / assess risk).  

Q. Where is personal data held and how do I know this is secure?

A.  AA DriveTech and IDS are registered as a Data Controller within the requirements of the Data Protection Act (Reg No.Z853 6279) and have been assessed by The British Standards Institution (BSI) and have gained the following accreditations: Quality Management Systems - ISO 9001:2008 Certificate No: FS 554052 and Information Security Management System - ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certificate No: IS 560380

 AA DriveTech and IDS treat data security extremely seriously and ensure that access to the information is very tightly controlled. Two of the UK’s major clearing banks and one of the UK’s major insurance companies represent just 3 of our extensive customer list and we have demonstrated to them as well as the DVLA that we have very strict procedures in place. We have undergone rigorous IT audits in order to ensure full IT compliance to all parties. Access to driver data is only available to named authorised users via secure login using user name and password to the named account only.

The AA DriveTech /  IDS database (which holds driver information) is held electronically on secure dedicated servers, which are hosted by a specialist company called Rackspace who provide their hosting services for many large blue chip organisations and are accredited ISO 27001:2013.  By outsourcing our server hosting in this way means that in the event of any unforeseen circumstance, we are able to replicate our operations with little or no disruption to the services we provide to our Customers.

All laptops are encrypted and driver information is never transferred onto removable storage such as flash drives, CDs, DVDs or removable hard drives.  Access to these devices is controlled and limited through end-point protection software to maintain integrity and security of systems and data.  All driver information is sent to and received from the DVLA via dedicated encrypted lines.

Q. How will AA DriveTech store my data protection mandate?
A. Once your data protection mandate has been processed, and in order for AA DriveTech to comply with its contractual obligations with DVLA, your mandate will be stored electronically for 7 years from date of signature after which time your mandate will be deleted.  All paper mandates are destroyed using a confidential waste facility.

Q. What will happen to my personal data? Will AA DriveTech sell it to a third party?

A. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, your employer is the controller of any personal data processed as a result of the driving licence checking programme. The data will be treated as confidential and only used in relation to driving licence checks and in compliance with your employer’s Driver Policy. The data may be verified by reference to information held by others and may be disclosed to the DVLA and AA DriveTech.

AA DriveTech will not pass on or sell your information to any third party and will not use the data for any purpose other than to verify your entitlement to drive. Under the terms of AA DriveTech’s contract with DVLA, no information will be sold to third parties or marketing organisations or abused in any way. Any such contravention would lead to AA DriveTech’s Data Protection Licence and contract with the DVLA being revoked. We would be unable to continue to provide a licence checking service.

Q. Why does AA DriveTech need to hold driver related data?
A. Under Duty of Care requirements, your employer must be able to demonstrate an audit trail should any issue relate to a Health & Safety matter concerning a driver / driving related incident. In the event that either the police or HSE asks your employer to prove that a driver’s licence had been checked, your employer can provide the output from FRM. If we were to delete a driver’s details in between licence checks, there would be no record of those details.

Q. What assurance can AA DriveTech provide for misuse of information?
A. Under the agreement between AA DriveTech and your employer, and the contract between AA DriveTech and DVLA, AA DriveTech cannot use any information they hold as a result of a driving licence check for any other purpose other than to report on driving licence information. The contract with DVLA also means that no information will be sold to a third party. In effect, the information cannot be misused or abused. Were AA DriveTech to misuse or abuse the terms of its contracts, it would risk losing its customers and its supplier (DVLA) and would be unable to operate.

Q. What reassurance can AA DriveTech provide in respect to the data being used for identity theft?
A. Apart from the driving licence number, AA DriveTech only holds personal information available in the public domain (e.g. electoral roll). AA DriveTech does not hold critical information which may lead to identify theft. This would need to include information such as place of birth, National Insurance number, financial information, mother’s maiden name etc, none of which requested or is held as part of the licence checking process.

Q. Will you pass on my personal data to my employer’s insurance company?
A. AA DriveTech will only release personal data to an interested party, such as an insurance company, if it is required to do so by a Court of Law.

Q. I have moved house but not notified the DVLA. Does this matter?
A. Yes, if you do not notify the DVLA of a change of personal circumstances, for example a change in name and/or permanent address, you are committing an offence which may lead to a £1,000 fine. If your DVLA record is not up-to-date, your licence is not valid and this may, in turn, make any motor insurance policy associated with you null and void. If you have not done this, please return your driving licence to the DVLA for updating and inform them of any changes in your personal circumstances. AA DriveTech / IDS will not report incorrect addresses to the DVLA. 

Q. My photocard has expired but I have not renewed it. Does this matter?
A. Yes, if you have not renewed your photocard licence you are committing an offence which may lead to a £1,000 fine.

Q. I have a number of endorsements for speeding that my employer was not aware of. What happens now?
A. Your employer will want you to retain your licence as much as you do. Depending on the number of and type of endorsements you have and other factors (such as your age and experience), your employer may ask you to attend a speed awareness course, either in the format of on-road training or an e-learning module.

Q. How can you satisfy me that AA DriveTech operates within DVLA guidelines?
A. AA DriveTech has a contract with the DVLA and its processes and procedures are subject to regular audit. The DVLA has the power to audit AA DriveTech and IDS processes on demand at any time, and without notice.

Q. In signing the mandate, I have agreed that my driving entitlement may be rechecked at any time during its three-year life. Can I complete a new mandate each time a check is made?
A. No. Under the terms and conditions your employer agreed to when engaging with AA DriveTech, AA DriveTech has authority to make further enquiries with the DVLA at any time during the three-year life of the mandate and without any further referral to yourself.

Q. What will happen to my personal data once I leave my employer?
A. Immediately your employer notifies AA DriveTech that you are no longer an employee, or that you no longer drive on business, your record will be archived. In accordance with DVLA requirements, your Data Protection Mandate will be archived for seven years from the date of signature and subsequently destroyed using a confidential waste facility.

Q. Can I have access to my personal data?
A. Yes, as under data protection rules you can request AA DriveTech to make available all information held about you personally. AA DriveTech may charge for this request.


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