Guide to DriverConsent Nominees

Please note - your company may not be undertaking checks for Nominee drivers. If you do not have the option to 'Add additional named drivers' then you are not required to complete this process 


•        Whilst logged in on the ‘My Home’ page under ‘My Account’ on the right hand side

•        Click on ‘My Details and History’ link

•        Click on the ‘LicenceCheck’ tab

•        Click on ‘Add additional named drivers’ link

•        Enter your Nominee licence information

•        Enter your Nominee personal details

•        Enter your Nominee address

•        Click ‘Save’

•        An Email will automatically be sent to the email address you entered for your Nominee

•        Please advise your Nominee to follow the link & enter the code shown on the email (if prompted) to supply your Driver Consent for DVLA checks to be performed

•        The Nominee will then need to follow the instructions on screen to provide Driver Consent

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